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More reviews of "Suddenly, Sound: 21 songlines for piano, drainpipe, etc.":  
Gigi Sabelli in All About Jazz:
"Who is Torben Ulrich? This is a legitimate question, in view of the fact that his is the name of an international tennis star in the Fifties, a painter, a philosopher, a jazz musician who played with Stan Getz, the owner of a club in Copenhagen and lastly, it is the name also of the father of Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica.
Yet these diverse personalities are all fused in this incredible little grandfather, who has lived a very intense and faceted life and who we can now hear at work in an enigmatic piece, together with the pianist Søren Kjærdgaard, who is exactly fifty years younger than him (Ulrich was born in 1928, Kjærdgaard in 1978), and who has often toured in Italy as pianist and keyboardist of Blake Tartare, the 'Danish band' of Michael Blake, the saxofonist.
The two musicians are here at work with an ambitious but fascinating project where a series of very brief poems are read, with intensity and pathos, by Ulrich and accompanied by the two with sounds that have been reduced to their minimums: single notes or chords separated by long silences and, at other times, swaths of organ, brief repeated arpeggios, and alternated interminable pauses or litanies of bells and other metallic sounds.
The twenty-one 'song lines' are variations on the original ten 'root lines', which are published in the detailed booklet and which together could re-launch not only the dichotomy of Theme-Improvisation, but also, in view of the content of the poems, the apparent contrast between thought and action, a theme which in the life of Torben Ulrich has always been at the center of recurring speculation. All of which is to be expected from a philosopher-artist who for years also played professional tennis... "
Christopher Delaurenti in The Stranger:
"... I was also happy to discover Suddenly, Sound: 21 songlines for piano, drainpipe, etc. (ILK Music) by Soren Kjærgaard and Seattle poet Torben Ulrich. Curious about the status of Ulrich's group, however, I was dismayed to hear that threat of legal action impelled them to rechristen themselves Instead Of. Among the near-infinite number of artists on the web, duplicate monikers are inevitable along with, alas, needlessly petty territoriality. Suddenly showcases Ulrich's texts?imagine a still-defrosting 1,000-year-old David Sylvian intoning Delphic wisdom learned from Samuel Beckett?amid calliope-like toy pianos, icy piano chords, and generous bands of silence. Seek it out. (Recommended)"